Development of a regional landfill is a multi-municipal initiative that began in 2013. The project was motivated by a need to replace municipal landfills that were reaching capacity or no longer meeting regulatory requirements with the Ministry of Environment (MOE). Nineteen (19) municipalities partnered in the Western Regional Landfill Inc. (WRLI) project, each contributing on a per capita basis.

Our Grand Opening was held on Wednesday, December 5, 2018


What studies were needed to facilitate?

Several studies were conducted to determine the cost of constructing and operating a new landfill, environmental and site suitability, as well as to project the lifespan of the project. These studies include:

  • Site Investigation and Conceptual Design Plan
  • Site Suitability Report
  • Landfill Technical Investigation
  • Cell 1 Detailed Design and Construction Plan

Who is the builder and operator?

WRLI entered into an agreement with Loraas Environmental Services. to construct and operate the regional landfill.

Bryden Construction & Transport Company Inc. was contracted to construct the primary grid road from Highway 7 to the WRLI site.

How much did construction cost?

Total cost of project = Approximately $3.75 million

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic FAQs

  1. Landfill Operating Hours are Tuesday – Saturdays: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
  2. The WRLI site is a NO CASH facility
  3. Loraas Environmental is contracted to complete the operations on WRLI behalf.
  4. Invoicing can be invoiced directly from the site to the municipality to save any administration fees by haulers.  Municipalities can choose to invoice through their hauler.
  5. WRLI site will have a debit machine on site for ease of use by the public.
  6. All waste hauler companies are welcome – this is not an “inclusive” Loraas facility

Who are the “MEMBER PARTNERS”?

The member partners contributed financially to construct the project.

RM of Antelope Park No. 322
RM of Kindersley No. 290
RM of Mariposa No. 350
RM of Milton No. 292
RM of Newcombe No. 260
RM of Oakdale No. 320 Plenty
RM of Progress No. 351 Smiley
RM of Winslow No. 319
RM of Prairiedale No. 321

Can anyone bring waste to the WRLI landfill?

The WRLI landfill is open to everyone, including all waste disposal companies. If you are from a community other than those listed above you are classified as a “NON_MEMBER” and pay non-member tipping rates.

How do I know what municipality I belong to?

Wherever you pay taxes is the municipality you belong to.

What happens to the existing Kindersley landfill?

Decommissioning of the current Kindersley landfill will begin as per legislation provided by the Ministry of Environment.

Kindersley will continue to accept Compost (free drop off area), Recycling (deliver to the now new Recycling Building for processing), concrete and metals (Call 306-463-2675 to schedule a drop-off). 

Waste Types

Accepted Materials

All waste currently accepted at the Kindersley Waste and Recycle Centre will be accepted at the new regional landfill, including oil field waste.

This includes waste types such as  household waste, furniture, drained propane tanks, construction demolition waste, appliances, & clean wood.

Waste Not Accepted

Oil, liquids, Hazardous and radioactive waste, batteries, septic waste

Please refer to Recycling for information on where to take electronics, paint, beverage containers, and other recyclables.

For materials not listed please contact WRLI @ 306-463-2002

WRLI Landfill Rates


Do you want to set up an account?

Operating Hours

Tuesday – Saturdays: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Closed Statutory Holidays

Curbside Collection Schedules

Downloadable schedules can be found in the menu under “Collection Schedules”

  • Ensure your cart is rolled out curbside by 7am on your designated collection day.
  • Collection equipment requires clear, safe access to your cart.
  • Do not place your container within 4 feet of buildings, vehicles, overhead and underground utilities.
  • Containers with inappropriate materials, overweight or overloaded will be bypassed by collection personnel.
  • Should your scheduled collection day fall on a statutory holiday, please be advised of service changes as marked
  • Collection will resume following any disruption due to inclement weather or road bans
  • If you have any questions about the program,please do not hesitate to contact us @ 1-866-LORAAS-1
  • Property owners are responsible for replacement of carts due to ANY type of damage. This includes but is not limited to vandalism, theft, service, or weather.

Recyclable Materials Accepted:
Tin cans, aluminum cans & trays, all recyclable paper fibres (cardboard, newsprint, magazines, boxboard,
office paper.) All grades of plastics numbered through on the bottom. Please break down cardboard
and rinse containers. Place all items loose inside container. Do not bag or tie.

Recycling & Compost

Recycling is important! Please take the time to sort out recyclables from the waste items that will be added to our landfill. Curbside recycle bins can contain:

  • Tin cans
  • Aluminum cans & trays
  • All recyclable paper fibres (cardboard, newsprint, magazines, boxboard, office paper)
  • All grades of plastics numbered through on the bottom.

Curbside recycle collection schedules can be found here.

If curbside collection is not an option for you, please take your recyclables to Sarcan or another recycling depot. Some are listed below:

Kindersley Recycle & Compost Facility

Composting / Yard Waste, Wood / Trees, Beverage Containers, Paper / Cardboard, Plastic (Household), Tin Cans

The Kindersley Sarcan Recycling Centre

Beverage containers, electronics, household paints, other recyclables.

Visit sarcan.ca for more information

The Salvation Army

Accepts old media for re-sale: Casette Tapes, CDs/DVDs, VHS tapes, books, clothing/textiles, computers/electronics, furniture, household items

Canadian Diabetes Association

Accepts clean clothing and accessories in the designated bins. Provides household pick-up of clothing and small household items.

Murlin Electronics

Accepts rechargeable and disposable batteries for recycling on behalf of the Call2Recycle program. Also accepts cell phones and ink cartridges/toners

G-Mac’s Ag

Accepts obsolete agricultural pesticides and livestock medications for safe disposal, free of charge, on behalf of CleanFARMS.

For a full list of recycling in Kindersley, visit the Sask Waste Reduction Website

Contact Us

Where to Find Us

Land Location: SE 4-29-24 W3rd  (this is approximately 10km from Kindersley)
Phone: (306) 463 – 2002
Email: landfill@wrli.ca
Box 2228
Kindersley, SK S0L 1S0

Operating Hours
Tuesday – Saturdays: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Closed Statutory Holidays


1. Travel 9.8km west of Kindersley on Highway 7

2. Turn south onto grid, travel 2.6km

3. Landfill is on the west side of the grid